De omgeving – Surroundings

De omgeving – Surroundings

Om zo vrolijk te worden als een eilander, moet je leven als een eilander – dus welkom in onze vakantiewoning op Aruba.
To become as happy as an islander, you have to live like an islander – so welcome to our vacation rental on Aruba.

Een huis of appartement huren is een geweldige manier om de authentieke kant van het eiland en de eilanders te leren kennen.
Renting a house or apartment is a great way to get to know the authentic side of the island and the islanders.

Check out this link to see what’s happening on Aruba

Not far from the Urirama apartment is a tiny chapel with an interesting history.

The chapel Alto Vista is opened almost every day all day long

Geniet van de warme vriendelijkheid van de Arubanen als gast in ons privé-gezinsvriendelijke huis en onze schone, mooie accommodatie en maak van ons huis uw toevluchtsoord.
Enjoy the warm friendliness of the Arubans as our guest of our private family-friendly house and our clean, beautiful accommodation, and make our happy home your refuge.

Baby Beach nice and quiet on the other side of the island
Snorkeling for beginners and advanced is a favorite activity of visitors to Aruba
This tree is common in Aruba. It is formed by the wind that always blows.
Arashi beach with a white beach and blue water and tranquility is our preference near our home.
Palm Island is located off the coast of Aruba. You can go there in the morning by boat and stay there all day at a fixed rate and eat and drink as much as you want.
On Palm Island you can also take a ride on the Banana boat that is pulled by a fast boat.
Zeerovers is our favorite place to eat. Not a regular restaurant as you can learn from this video about how it al started 20 years ago as a place for fisherman themselves to bring their fish and have a beer.